easiest wobble bass tutorial for garageband

a simple way to make wobble bass on garageband.
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  1. XDPeruMan says:

    … yeah, so… get some sleep

  2. Lucas Phillips says:

    I’d recommend speakers, but if you have headphones, those will work equally well.

  3. Lucas Phillips says:

    Every time I hear someone say the word “bass”, I think to myself, “it’s pronounced ‘bass’, not ‘base’, idiot”. Then I realize how wrong I am and quietly weep.

  4. MrOKAYproductions2 says:


  5. Chuck Norris says:

    He sounds depressing

  6. iamthemesenger says:


  7. eatyourdogman16 says:

    Yep, R.I.P my headphones

  8. iamthemesenger says:

    this was actually recorded at like 2 in the morning so i was kinda tired

  9. iamthemesenger says:

    you cant pick what?

  10. awemybro says:

    i cant pick loop hole help

  11. ThigioBadoni says:

    get some sleep

  12. iamthemesenger says:

    shift command k

  13. TheGeorge7819 says:

    how did u get the keyboard up?

  14. iamthemesenger says:

    thanks for the tip!

  15. TakeItAllBack2wice says:

    big mistake, don’t raise the resonance past 60%….

  16. Subtle0range says:

    yeah, the constant snorting noises really helped with that image.

  17. iamthemesenger says:

    im sure you could get the newer version for pretty cheap

  18. Qeroq Hallotjes says:

    I have another version of gb :o It isnt the same atall :(

  19. iamthemesenger says:

    hey thanks for commenting but yeah haha maybe i could get a job as a voice actor!!

  20. iamthemesenger says:

    thanks :) 

  21. AQA5G4RD1AN says:

    worst tutorial ever…..

  22. iamthemesenger says:

    haha well thank you for your support!!

  23. crapnapper says:

    “Subscribe Comment All that junk.” Thanks for you tutorial. I subscribed. I’m commenting. I liked your video. I made it one of my Favorites. Have a good day. /End “All that junk.”

  24. iamthemesenger says:

    alright bro whatever…

  25. iamthemesenger says:

    who are you? do you even know me?

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