FL Studio 10 – Tutorial – Hard Electro Bass

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get a pretty nice bass in a very easy way. If you like PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. I’ll make more and better tutorials. Facebook Pag…
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  1. Djdestiny1200 says:

    fuck you

  2. Serbia58 says:

    Please man tell me where that buttom is i can find trianlge in left top plsss :)

  3. DopeGum says:

    Camtasia studio

  4. Absent Presence says:

    What recording software is that?

  5. 8bitDude0 says:

    bro check out my tut on babas

  6. Aleckz Mendoza says:

    i need vengeance…

  7. ath bo says:

    bro which skin is that?


    Very useful ,thanks!Check out my FL Studio song!

  9. morozovandrey42 says:

    Awesome tutorial! Very inspiring!

  10. ltbproductionz says:

    Yeahhhh budddyyyyyy!!!
    Hip Hop Samplez

  11. Sam Holman says:

    What is a good website or place to download house and yummy bass sound packs from?

  12. Chaospilz says:

    WOW*–* This is AWESOME!! Thank You for That
    I Subscribed ((:

  13. Chaospilz says:

    Thank You ((:

  14. DopeGum says:

    The program cut the view. On the top left there are a couple of buttons: the one right below the wrench (the little triangle). By clicking that (it’s a toggle) you’ll get the same triangle on the note that you will draw. Than kind of note won’t play by itself, but if there’s a note of a different pitch at the same time of that, it will transpose (hope it’s the right verb) to the “triangle-note” pitch. it’s very usefull :D

  15. Chaospilz says:

    How do you changed the sound at 3:04?

  16. Juozas C says:

    I know,i followed everything and i only hear flat sound, no electro feel in it.Can you please help me out?

  17. DopeGum says:

    follow the whole thing and you should make it ;D

  18. Juozas C says:

    Why does mine doesnt sound like yours? Its just straight you kow,no wobbling and stuff.

  19. LowkeyAssNetwork says:

    mine came out just fine thx c:

  20. DopeGum says:

    you can download sample packs. I used a vengeance one here :)

  21. DopeGum says:

    maybe your pc is lagging…

  22. Frosty Salt says:

    ive always known how to make good bass but i can never get a good kick and snare

  23. STROBE1207 says:

    why dosent mine sound the same omg, wat settings did you put on the compresser, and also mine dosent flow smoothly

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