Reaktor Tutorial 07 – Delay Lines: The Beginning

Hello All! This is a tutorial on how to create delay lines in Reaktor. The next few tutorials will be continuations of this one, and will include both establ…
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  1. Mocuischalom says:

    i think that your work would be paid by Native instrument, and i’m serious, because with your video that i take all in a playlist, you have the base of reaktor, then, thank you very much, i’m waiting since two years to began, i have the editor of the nord modular G2, wich is fantastis and easy to understand , if you’ll see the manual is so big but no reaktor………anyway, thank you and than you

  2. Thompsoninflight says:

    This is fantastic mate. Would love to see some more tutorials on delay lines. Thanks

  3. Derek Roberts says:

    Great stuff! Im just getting into Reaktor as a way to really expand on my sound design, because ANYONE can do simple subtractive synthesis. :P Your guide is really helping explain some basics. Excited for the next video!

  4. peakssound says:

    excellent! will do!

  5. Roberto Aramburu says:

    id love it if you do something more with events and all that math brainy stuff. thanks again!

  6. peakssound says:

    depending on what DAW you’re using, there should be an option to choose Reaktor multi-out, or something of that nature. Then it’s just a matter of going to the instrument layer of the structure window inside of Reaktor, and configuring your outputs from there. Thanks for watching.

  7. jun liu says:

    How to achieve the output in the DAW multi-channel? ? ?

  8. Roberto Aramburu says:

    yaaaaaay yaaaay ay ay ay ay ay y y y y…

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