Rogue – Side-chaining Tutorial! [FL Studio]

1st of a few tutorials this week. Hope it helps! Subscribe for more and check out my music! Follow me – http://www.faceboo…
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  1. Conrado Buhrer says:

    too many trolls :D

  2. theHOOD61 says:

    What’s wrong with twitter?

  3. Conrado Buhrer says:

    Oh man, you twitter generation… Did I say I don’t believe you? It’s still only an online publisher. There’s a long way to go still.

  4. FluxNationXbox says:

    No, it’s good feedback, but I’m just surprised that you don’t believe me go search rogue on iTunes

  5. Conrado Buhrer says:

    I don’t doubt that… I’m only trying to be encouraging. Somehow you seem butthurt for him. Don’t be.

  6. FluxNationXbox says:

    Do you not know who he is? He’s a professional. His stuff is on monstercat.

  7. TheNoTNT says:

    Ok. You go in the piano roll, add some notes, and it sounds awesome! xD pure talent

  8. Cornelius Lance says:

    What version of FL is this?

  9. VelgasGaming says:

    You look like you get The Bitches…..I like you

  10. Conrado Buhrer says:

    Way to go kid! Lots of potential in you. Why don’t you try remixing some of the classic Masterboy, seems like your style.

  11. DjhushaTV says:

    Avicci does it like this

  12. Greyy385 says:

    Whoa, “Dreams” earlier version at the end, there. Awesome!

  13. phortify says:

    well, sidechaining with a limiter is the true sidechaining, however using peak controller it’s easier to sidechain selected frequency ranges contrary to the whole signal in case of limiter sidechaining.

  14. Those guys from Kahurje says:

    Make a tuitorial for adventure time

  15. MercOfficial says:

    when its released to monstercat, they take care of it.

  16. אריה גלבלום says:

    Can you make a tutorial about the mixer Chanels? Eq and compression and all dat shit

  17. gamlow1 says:

    Not another side chain tutorial =( I had such high hopes for cool rogue tutorials cause you have such amazing productions. I have never used a copy of fl studios but I know I could set up a peak controller sidechain. Subscribed anyways.

  18. BRONYnumberTHRE3 says:

    You really just need to do more tutorials because you are so insanely talented, you’d be doing everyone here a favor.

  19. DJTyR3x says:

    Dude, can you do a livestream and give us more of idea of how the song exogenesis, it moves so fast and I am curious about the arrangement, and what exactly was used, maybe pads layered under the main synths, effects that brighten the sound, potentially a bunch of orchestral samples used? Sorry I could ask questions for ages on that subject, that song is just outta control and I fucking love it ^_^

  20. C-real Metalcore says:

    Minecraft spotted :p

  21. CresceMusicOfficial says:

    NI Massive and FM8 are really usefull for making Dubstep! :)

  22. WavzOfficielle says:

    Dude, i need to know wath to buy and downlaod to make dubstep on fl studio. Can tell some of theme on your next video :)

  23. TheValkire says:

    wheeere aaaaare uuuu?! XD

  24. Parabocz Scripting says:

    @BeatGenerals Dude… Please stop. No one cares. No one’s probably going to click your channel. Let us enjoy Rogues videos without the spam. Thank you very much, and have a good day

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