What’s new in Ableton Live 8

New in Ableton Live 8 Version 8 enhances the Ableton vision of creative, real-time digital music with a wealth of new techniques, effects and most-wanted wor…



  1. Rupert Parrott says:

    What footswitch is that guitarist using (not the wah pedal).

  2. Monster LMA says:

    Buy third party plugins for it the U-he Synths are the best. For drums SSD 4 Platinum.

  3. theguitarboy2212 says:

    whats the difference between Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Live 8 Fender Edition?

  4. jgalloga says:

    Okay one question I have:

    I find a lot of the stock stuff in Live 8 Suite doesn’t sound very good. There aren’t really a lot of options as far as synthesis.. What do y’all recommend? I love the intuitive nature of Ableton but the sounds just don’t sound that great.. #conflicted : (

  5. Paladinoocara says:

    Yes. If you want Operator, Analog, Sampler and so on, you need to upgrade to Suite 8. I would say, it’s not “cheap” but it worth the money, because you get the amazing workflow of Ableton Live plus a lot of very good sounds and synths with Suite 8.

  6. Paladinoocara says:

    Sorry, but it seems a contradiction by saying that “it’s the best but expensive”, well… if it’s the best for eletronic music, the price (either 499 or 799 for the suite 8) is not expensive, because, as you said, it is the “best”…
    Even because Live 8 ($499.00) is inside the price range of the main DAWs out there =)

  7. Paladinoocara says:

    The best computer depends totally on your personal needs, for example, If you’re gonna work with heavy sampled instruments (like making orquestral music), you’ll want a good amount of ram, or if you wanna mix using hight quality and hight amount of virtual effects, you might want a fast multicore processor with some ram as well. But in general, any medium computer nowadays can handle Ableton Live and other DAWS very well.

  8. MultiXxxx7 says:

    What type of computers are best suited for the software?

  9. SquallLeonheart1000 says:

    This program is probably the best for making dubstep music, in actuallality probably for lots of other music as well. I just wish it wasnt so expensive, but other than the rediculoud price, the program is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to create music.

  10. wond8 says:

    could someone help me out with this?
    at the moment i have ableton live 8, but i noticed i dont have most of the instruments which others do have e.g. i dont have a sampler nor do i have an analog is this because they have the ableton live suit? which means i have to upgrade to suit?

  11. cosmin cojocaru says:

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  12. Sihle Shabangu says:

    I love these tuts, thank you, Check out my channel form Ableton beats

  13. donarmando420 says:

    what is the name of the song at the end? I know it comes with live! but I love that song! what’s it called? who made it?

  14. JDeMuse says:

    man ableton looks so much easier to use. would anyone recommend using rewire or just use ableton?

  15. JDeMuse says:

    reason already got a ReGroove…

  16. SavageLUEY says:

    weres the latin percussion at? i got collision and all the rest of the stuff on here?

  17. UrbanLikwid says:

    Ableton will not come with what you need. It is a sequencer with affects (for the most part). If you buy the whole Suite it will come with some synths you could tweak out and get your hardstyle or techno sound. I suggest buy Ableton and download samples and VSTs to get the sound you are looking for. But Ableton is the best foundation wouldn’t suggest anything else.

  18. Paladinoocara says:

    Ableton Live is AMAZING, but it still misses some important things like:
    *Comping (groups are very usefull, but having the comping feature would be even better)
    *Dual screen (despite the point of the software is to be focused on one screen, but having the option would be very nice)
    *EVEN better browser (options to better organize samples, loops, instruments, fx inside Live, like more “folders” on the left of Live)

    Anyway, great DAW, it’s clear that version 9 will be THA software!

  19. AVSbeats says:

    Is this a 64-bit DAW?

  20. DjUfoLights says:

    so im new to ableton, im using mac, i use protools, im wanting to create hardstyle techno and a few other electronic genres, i was wondering what stock sounds it comes with and if they would be good for those genres, or will i end up having to download more sound packs?

  21. AbletonInc says:

    It sounds like you’re encountering locked racks – these are Racks which use Instruments and/or Effects that you do not currently own. You can use these Racks and tweak the Macros, but cannot open them up to edit them.

  22. WieldMyWord says:

    Can you use every samples on Ableton live 8? I have purchased Ableton live 8 and i have installed it (and the library) but when i go through some of the sample it says its not available on this version of live and i have to check the lincense (I have updated it to live 8.2.6 and i have completed the license). Do i need to have Suite to use them all or?

  23. SoundlessSonata says:

    cool, after watching a few videos about ableton live 8, i can see myself using this. thanks :)

  24. AbletonInc says:

    yes – make sure you start Live up first, then ReWire from Reason into Live.

  25. SoundlessSonata says:

    Can this rewire with reason 5?

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