FL Studio 10 – Tricks&Tips #2 – Sweep Effects

In this tutorial i quickly show you how to make your own sweep effect using 3xosc. I’ve been through sweep effects before, but this one’s a little more detai…



  1. HighbergMedia says:

    Musical mind :) 

  2. HighbergMedia says:

    Why would they? Automation clips is used for automation knobs and stuff. Not making any noise.

  3. iamyourmom2 says:

    My automation clips never have any sound. Does anybody know why?

  4. xXGreenXx90 says:

    I love making music so much! But there is so much to remember how do you remember it all?

  5. xXGreenXx90 says:

    You succeeded! It was so hot ;o

  6. elveerdig says:

    how do i prevent the automatic clip from using my entire song instead of just the sweep white noise?

  7. Jonathan Byrnes says:

    hey mallock, fuck off. the end.

  8. MutantDemonz says:

    It’s Typical American Accent, I Talk very similar to his voice too only a bit deeper but I ” Talk Vibrate too ” LOL

  9. mallock95 says:

    lol am joking dude :) dont take it so serious :) big up for your video ;) 

  10. T. Amak Jr says:

    if you feel that way then why even click on this video. Idiot

  11. Jonah Block says:

    go watch something else then. dude has the snuffles

  12. XeroUSO says:


  13. Beats4Beets says:

    As a matter of fact I was trying to be sexy.

  14. mallock95 says:

    you seem so fucking boring when u talk…………and it piss me off so much the noise u do when u talk vibrator in throat :x trying to be sexy or something ? or its typical american accent ?

  15. BeatGenerals says:

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  16. BeatGenerals says:

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  17. Alberto Sanchez says:

    I can give you a child right now!! WOOOOOOOOOO Thank you so much!

  18. chai shalom says:

    Seems like a lot of work to produce an effect

  19. alhfgsp says:


  20. imajaggon says:

    I’ve learned so much from watching your videos, I’ve had FL 10 for about a week now and I already feel comfortable using it because of your videos, so keep making videos and I’ll definitely keep watching, thank you (:

  21. BassDropRainbow says:

    also you can save it on File>Export> wave-file and is more easier to find :D good tutorial

  22. Justin Duyn says:

    Use the square ;-)

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