Live DJ Performances with Ableton – Part 1 of 4

Part 1 of a 4 part series teaching you to use Ableton Live software as part of a live DJ’ing performance. If you watch all four parts to this series, along w…
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  1. djbolivia says:

    Yeah, I should have noticed that, dub is correct. However, on this topic, the beat in dubstep is also essentially a 4/4 beat underneath. Breaks & DnB are a bit more of what I call broken beats, but dubstep seems to be more of a half-time beat to me, rather than syncopated. It’s also usually pretty close to the tempo range of the other 4/4 genres (usually around 132-140 bpm, I believe?) so it’s easy to underlay a 4/4 beat right through half-time dubstep sections. Anyway, glad you caught that.

  2. 10Cicegim says:

    12:21 sorry? dubstep is not a steady beat but broken so how can it that be 4 to the floor. i think you mean dub thats a 4 to the floor beat but slow.

  3. max nijholt says:

    This is the stuff i was looking for, thank you very much!

  4. djbolivia says:

    Thank you, for both messages …

  5. albizuis says:

    Excellent tutorial! I will spread the word to my circle on social media sites. thank you very much. the level of detail is perfect. I wish you all the best, I hope you receive much more in return than you give in these vids.

  6. Serge Maes says:

    Great video!
    Really enjoyed watching it

  7. Efidium nl says:

    Nice great work, i hope you will succeed. I’m studying Composition & Music production on Utrecht University of Music & Technology. Its amazing what im learing also alot of programming with max msp and puredata to build your own machines;)

  8. djbolivia says:

    Yes, I do. I’ve been very reluctant to release anything publicly yet though, since I’m still trying to get better. I’ve actually be studying through the Berklee College of Music for the last several years, taking courses in a Masters Program in Music Production. I’m pretty comfortable with it all now, and I’m going to start doing a tutorial series next fall about how to produce EDM.

  9. Efidium nl says:

    Thanks alot jonathan, do you also compose and produce your own tracks?

  10. djbolivia says:

    Hey, I just listened to that last track that you put up on Beatport. Nice work! You’re definitely doing some great work there.

  11. Efidium nl says:

    Hi, im a composer/producer and i wanted to learn how i can setup my live performance, your videos has helped me alot, thanks alot for that, i’d hope u could give me some feedback on my track soundcloudcom/efidium . thanks alot for your great advice!

  12. Rodrigo Moreira says:

    Hi DJ Bolivia i really like your videos and i have learned a lot with you in Ableton.
    By the way, i have the Pioneer HDJ 1000, and i figure a way to unplug the cord, just check this video, “watch?v=1n59KowA4fs” it´s really easy. Thanks.

  13. Dillon Kuester says:

    All of your videos are very inspirational and helpful. Thanks much!

  14. MyLoginWasIncorrect says:

    Thank you so much! Please dont stop making your videos, they are so good and so usefull for me.
    I learned how to make a dj mix in ableton by watching your video just a week ago. So I’ve made my first mix, posted it and received a good feedback with an invitation to my first live performance in a few days! And now when I have to get prepeared for it your videos are helping me so much again! thank you

  15. spaniardivanovic says:

    I have ableton since one year, and I must say I just use ableton for produce, and I was looking for tutorials for too many time, and I must say, Thank you sir, I have seen some of your videos and are the best on the topic, really. I will see all your tutorials you have a lot of patience, and you are a great teacher, Cheers and thank you for share your knowledge.

  16. djbolivia says:

    Thanks. Part two should be online in four or five hours. I’m just about to start filming part three in about twenty minutes.

    I’m based in eastern Canada this month, although I work in western Canada for most of the summer/fall. Right now, I’m just trying to finish up as many tutorial videos as possible before I make the move back to the west coast in about five weeks.

  17. RAFERRAEZ says:

    Great bro . Keep the good work. Where are you based ?

  18. EMEReynolds says:

    Sweet! Thanks

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