Making a beat with an Akai MPD 24 – Its Alright by DJAJ

making a beat with an Akai MPD24 and Reason 3.0 produced by DJAJ.
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  1. fdygd fdybdb says:

    hhahaha yeah

  2. DeJeFlights says:

    What he is saying is true. Its a fact that your studio is dirty and cluttered. But you have no idea who that guy is, he could have more Tang then you have ever dreamed of. Probably not, just dont make accusations. Also saying Peace and Best wishes after you vulgarly attack some one makes you sound like a little sassy bitch.

  3. JoJoRemoteControl says:


  4. DramaSydE4 says:


  5. South East Bobby says:

    nice beat, brush them haters off, Probably a 2chainz fan that can’t go 2 sleep without listening to suckers like Ne-Yo or Tre Songz

  6. RellyOhBoy says:

    Homage paid in full to the Late Great J. Dilla

  7. B Slone says:

    rawwwwwwwwwwwwwww as fuq

  8. xxdjajxx says:

    I suppose you wouldn’t have to suck your own cock if you got a girlfriend either, right? Peace and best wishes

  9. IVBEATZBB4D says:


  10. Hardzoe904 says:

    You wouldn’t have to switch out your controller & board if u cleaned up at that dirty ass studio

  11. Ismael Cortes says:

    nice work bro

  12. IsaacPereiraDNB says:

    Yeah…the sample :D

  13. Globeninja2 says:

    nice sample bro, no hate, my opinion is that its a bit hallow, needs some backup instrumentals in there to make the track seem more dense… just my opinion, otherwise it has great potential, peace

  14. Lucien Champton says:

    hey man i just got this piece today and i was wondering if i could use it for live effects while mixing, similar to a kaoss pad or something.

  15. hotbeatz12 says:

    i found some crazy kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  16. xXxBOLTxX says:

    The second one is shit

  17. homelesspimps says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got this for christmas, with ableton live lite that it came with, and I really need help on how to program it to do what skrillex does with his M-audio trigger finger. Please help!! the mpd26 doesn’t do anything when I try and play it on ableton, absolutely nothing!!!! I’ve uploaded the software and everything, and i don’t know what to do. i’m begging someone, please help?

  18. zubeats says:

    whats the best software to hook up a mpc on

  19. MuscleElement says:

    shit came out amazing!

  20. Kenan Mercius says:

    What program is he using?

  21. TayProduction313 says:

    T – Stands for THANKS for reading this comment

    H – Stands for HELP because i would appreciate your views

    A – Stands for ANYBODY who gives me a view is helping

    N – Stands for letting NOTHING stop your dream — I’m a 17 year old producer

    K – Stands for KEEPING this comment at the top with your likes hopefully

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    O – Stands for ONLY you can help my dream come true

    U – Stands for i UNDERSTAND if you don’t


  22. julian taylor says:

    he sampled it from j dilla says no

  23. julian taylor says:

    he sampled this from j dilla

  24. Dkamara250 says:

    which is better a MPD or a MPK?

  25. DottorHZ says:

    is there the rec in mpc 26?

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