Skrillex Reptile’s Theme NI Massive Tutorial

What i came up with during my addiction to this song. comment like and sub please! ksds – ksd – http://www.mediafire….
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  1. RikotOfficial says:

    well then your using a reaaaaaaaally old version of massive.

  2. bosstroller99 says:

    my inserts doesent come with a hard clipper

  3. MrGoForkYourself says:


  4. RikotOfficial says:

    what scratching effect are you talking about?

  5. white12345a says:

    how do you make that scratching effect

  6. RikotOfficial says:

    oh haha thanks yea my mic on my mbp is pretty suckish

  7. Derienzo says:

    I think what they meant was how you’re talking quietly but the music is LOUD. Good job on this by the way.

  8. CHEWSArtistChannel says:

    Holy Crap. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for

  9. Alex Nelson says:

    dude speak LOUDER!!!! i turn up my speakers to full, then BAM!! HOLYMUTHERFUCKINSHIT the growls blow my speakers and my ears dude WTF!!!

  10. thewonderfulMRnoob says:

    Yeah you’re right. :

  11. Chaz Foulstone says:

    Well you are because he was pretty spot on actually.

  12. XTGR1 says:

    English clearly isn’t his first language and he must have used Google translate to type that, don’t be cunt about it.

  13. thewonderfulMRnoob says:

    Well if you knew it was bad english why the hell didn’t you fix it?

  14. RikotOfficial says:

    not really. i thought it was pretty close actually.

  15. MrAbkio says:

    are you deaf? lol

  16. Alex M. says:

    I clicked the time bar n each time it started at a sigh lmao

  17. TheofficialTrilla says:

    Yeah that works but the other dont D:

  18. RikotOfficial says:

    Just click on the link “ksd – (bahblahblahblahblah)”

  19. TheofficialTrilla says:

    The ksd’s isnt avaible sorry for bad english :D

  20. RikotOfficial says:

    thanks man! subscribe for more stuff in the future!

  21. Justin Skewer says:

    @RikotOffical no one download your ksd’s i did bro your the shit

  22. jjjbeatz says:

    Thanks sooo much been looking for this sound forever

  23. RikotOfficial says:

    the ksd in mediafire is named reptile.ksd feel free to download any other ksds if you like. if you cant find it on mediafire, pm me and i’ll send you the ksd.

  24. Tactical1nsertion says:

    Did exactly the same and sounds nothing like what plays in your video. Plus there is nothing on mediafire to download

  25. 2BecomethebestDrumer says:

    I dont see a download link on that mediafire site, weird lol. Can you email me it thx. Maybe a preset pack cause its my birthday lol :)

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