Skrillex Vocal Effect Robot Voice Slicex Fl Studio 10 Tutorial

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  1. Kenny Nelson says:

    Lol at Bittorrent in the bottom left corner

  2. ProdigyStud1os says:

    because he uses DEBUT :P

  3. greensamurai1515 says:

    so where’s the dl for the finished product? :D

  4. pipe angel says:

    Flp Bro :) 

  5. KelvinsVids says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahah xD

  6. Vidya sagar says:

    And BAMM! Subbed! :P

  7. christian solwazi says:

    @John Miller Aye can i get that snare you used in the video or could you point me which kit or where i could get it from?!?! good lookin in advance

  8. Dash Flips says:

    my left ear enjoyed this…

  9. WaRockCPTobinobi says:

    My right ear is def! Oh wait it’s just the video :P good job btw love the video

  10. MisterMascolo says:

    My left speaker is broken… Still trying to figure out what does he say

  11. MrResns says:

    Krispy kreme?

  12. AweZomeGamingSociety says:

    My right ear feels lonely…

  13. MrYungmoney199 says:

    i bet wiz khalifa can drop some bars to this beat!

  14. FelonEtube . says:

    only 1 of my speakers work. sounded fine to me

  15. EmReddingOfficial says:

    my right ear is lonely….

  16. l7335 says:

    finally in english!

  17. MoonTheLoo says:

    My left ear somehow enjoyed the tutorial.

  18. mrloqendo says:

    my right ear is aloned

  19. owen lucioo says:

    fat .l.

  20. CoLBreaKz says:

    fail sound ! automatitation clip is left

  21. GoldTrousers says:

    Open up FL, grab a 3xOcs and press those keys.

  22. ESpArTaCoTM says:

    ahorca a la mae

  23. XenahortTV says:

    why right ear is lonely

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